Lux car rental with driver in Estonia

Our drivers speak English.

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About us

Lux Car Rental Eliitrent offers car rental with driver in Estonia

The driver will do all the driving for you. You can get on with your work on the computer, talk business with colleagues or simply relax and enjoy your time to the full.


The vehicle is at your disposal 24 hours a day with the driver.
There are cold drinks and a Wifi connection in the vehicle.

Our services



We pick up our customers anywhere in Estonia and take them wherever possible in Estonia. The vehicle offers space for a maximum of six people. However, there is less space for your suitcases and luggage. We can also pick you up or drop you off abroad. This requires a separate payment and the costs incurred depend on the country where the journey begins and where it ends. The distance of the country has to be taken into account, up to 1200 km we can do it with one driver. For distances over 1200 km, we have to employ two drivers for safety reasons, especially when driving at night.
We offer you a translation service in Estonia and help with negotiations.
Eliitrent Ltd. has the right to refuse the customer if it is against the law or cannot be carried out.
The minimum rental period for the BMW X7 is two hours (55€ per hour). We can also take your personal wishes into account, by prior arrangement. Give us a call, we speak German.

Price: with driver 650.- Euro + VAT 22% per day (24 hours) or 55€ per hour +VAT.22%

Year of construction: 2021

Ford Transit Custom

We rent a van for express transport and courier services within the EU. In Tallinn and the surrounding area, we will pick up your goods within one hour if the van is available and we can agree on the price.
Loading and unloading can be done by the driver if possible. With a forklift truck, the sender must load the goods themselves and inform the recipient so that unloading can be organised.
The van is available for door-to-door service, allowing you to transport goods or luggage weighing up to 1000 kg within the EU.
The van can also serve as an escort vehicle for the BMW X 7 if you are travelling to Estonia for golf, skiing, hunting or other activities and have a lot of luggage. Give us a call, we speak German.

Price: 2.- Euro per kilometre or 35.- Euro per hour (including VAT), unless otherwise agreed.

Year of construction: 2021

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+372 53708314
Harku vald, Vahi küla, Laokompleksi